Patient Testimonies

"Hi Dr. Han and Grace!! We love you guys! You both are very gifted and an excellent resource to have for holistic healing (acupuncture, massage, coupling). My husbands back, my shoulders, my mothers hip all healed up thanks to you guys. We recommend you to everyone. Thank you for everything! A+" -Tia

"Thank you Grace & Dr. Han, You've kept me out of the hospital for one year now. Being Diagioused with Mulitile Sclerious 21 years ago . MS Has caused havioc on my body. MS still rears it's ulgy head. I believe that my Creator , my God has blessed Dr Han & Grace with his merciful healing hands. Thank you Grace & Dr. Han for serving Those that are suffering with pain & giving comfort. Peace, Katie -Diamond Bar" -Katie

"The service here is very kind, warm, and personal.  Han and Grace will treat you with a lot of care and consideration, and together they make a marvelous team.
Massage, cupping, and acupuncture are included all together for the basic cover charge of $50, which is a really good deal.  And you'll definitely come out of there feeling better than before with their integrative approach.
I had back pains for the last 5 years with little remedy, and in the last year I had a particularly unbearable, painful spot on my thoracic muscles near my right shoulder blade.  Within a few sessions, they were able to relieve my pain as well as instruct me with exercises beyond the sessions." -Monica

"Dr. Han & Grace are the best! It's a small space but very reasonably priced and Grace gives am awesome massage afterward. Don't let the accent deter you these two are salt of the earth!" -Olivia

"I've been here twice and both times was very pleased with the results. I suffer from extreme back pain and Han's acupuncture really helped ease the tension from my back almost immediately. Dr Han and Grace are miracle workers and I am very happy to recommend them." -Sofia